Cuqui and her babies need our help


Cuqui has had a bumpy ride. Found as a stray in Puerto Rico, she was taken to a shelter with a high euthanasia rate. But a local woman who knew of Cuqui was too worried she would face the worst and decided to take her in. When this woman got home, she realized Cuqui was pregnant. Cuqui thought she was safe, but her rescuer has cancer and is going in for surgery. She knows she can’t keep Cuqui and her 7-week-old puppies but doesn’t want them to end up back in the dangerous shelter. We think Cuqui and her six puppies deserve better and will easily find loving homes here in the United States. But it’s expensive to bring them here. Can you help us raise the money to give Cuqui and her puppies a shot at finding forever families?