Diesel and Snoopy Need a Fresh Start (by 1/19)


Diesel and Snoopy are two smiley, seemingly happy-go-lucky boys who until just days ago were living outside in the frigid winter temperatures. Diesel is a smaller, pointy-eared Chihuahua mix, and Snoopy is a chonkier-looking, flop-eared pug mix. At 8 years old and many long years living outside, poor Diesel is also in desperate need of a dental.

Luckily, these sweet boys were surrendered on Saturday less than 24 hours before snow and ice was covering their former outdoor living space. Despite their situation, these guys both appear to be friendly with people of all ages and immediately snuggled up to rescuers when they were put in the car.

However, the rescue who stepped up for these guys is completely FULL. They were able to get Snoopy and Diesel into temporary boarding to keep them out of the snow but they need a place to go NOW. Can you help sponsor bringing Diesel and Snoopy to Homeward Trails so they can get the care they need and have their best chance at finding the forever homes they deserve?