Don’t Let Lonzo’s Cute Look Fool You, He Needs to be Saved!


Lonzo is a bundle of cuteness! Believe it or not, this little 3 month old maltese mix was a stray in Puerto Rico. Lonzo’s mom was owned by a local woman who kept her outside where she had to sleep and give birth on the hard dirt floor. After Lonzo was born, because the owner did not care about the dogs, she let them loose to roam the neighborhood together. Mama dog did the best she could to keep her tiny puppy safe, but street life can be very cruel. The chances of getting hit by a car or attacked by an animal or person is extremely high. Mama and Lonzo finally got lucky though. The owner decided that in order to keep both dogs safe, the she would give up Lonzo to a local foster and rehome the mom to one of her neighbors. We can only hope the new owner will spay the sweet momma before she ends up with another litter. As for Lonzo – well this little guy is ready to put the past him! All that is standing between Lonzo and Homeward Trails is an unfortunately pricey plane ticket and necessary vet care. Please help Lonzo reach the final chapter in his stray dog tale and donate to his new chapter today!