Dumped at the Shelter for Loving Life!


Della is a very happy, playful, puppy-like girl! Unfortunately, while most people love having a joyful pup, her owners dumped her at a rural WV shelter for having “too much energy.” This 2 year old mix breed doesn’t deserve to now live her days in a cold cement kennel. Every day that goes by where Della sits and waits is another day that she might be put on the shelter’s euthanasia list. The staff know she is adoptable and will make a family so happy, but they don’t have many adoptions and once their kennels are full, they are forced to make hard decisions about animals’ futures. Please don’t let Della end up on their short list and take her final walk in a building of barking dogs and a stressful environment. Homeward Trails can be Della’s get out of jail free card, but not without her rescue being sponsored. We need to cover both her transportation and much needed vet care. Please don’t let Della get left behind and donate to her rescue today!