Encanto Pups are Waiting On a Miracle!


Ten precious puppies were never wanted from the start. Their mama unfortunately was not spayed and got pregnant when the neighbor’s male dog snuck under the fence and made his way to her yard. Soon after, these sweet babies were born. Pepe, Camilo, Luisa, Felix, Isabela, Julieta, Agustin, Bruno, Antonio and Dolores are all ready to get out of the dirt yard and into warm loving homes. They would love to make their big debut with Homeward Trails, but 10 puppies are a lot to take on! Each 5 week old puppy is in much need of veterinary care as well as transportation or they risk getting left behind! We can’t separate this adorable family. Please DO talk about Bruno, and all the other puppies so we can raise enough donations to ensure their rescue is a success!