Five Little Chihauhua Mixes Jumping In the Shelter


Not one, not two, but FIVE little chihuahua mixes were surrendered to a rural VA shelter. These adorable tiny one year old pups are so confused! Why did their only owner give them up? Why do they have to spend their days and nights in cold hard dog runs? Is anyone ever going to show them love again? Unfortunately no one has certain answers for them, but Homeward Trails wants their trauma to be behind them. The world is scary enough when you a little and everyone else is so big, but when you don’t have an owner that loves you and will protect you, you might get a little nervous! We don’t want these sweethearts to be terrified in the shelter. However, taking on 5 dogs all at once isn’t easy. They really need a lot of TLC to get their physical and mental health to a good place. Please donate to these wonderful chi mixes today so they can get out of the cold shelter and into warm arms.