Found Homeless and Skinny, Needs a Good Home


Zeus is only a year and has had a rough start in life. He was found on the streets and southern Virginia. Scrounging for whatever food he could has left him clearly underweight. Being homeless would have left him vulnerable to starvation, disease, and attacks from wild animals and cruel people. It is lucky his rescuers were able to find him when they did or he would still be out in the storm and there is a good chance he would not have survived the cold.

Homelessness could have broken Zeus’s spirit, but despite his struggles he is really sweet and great with people and other dogs. He loves pets and snuggles and just needs the right family he can depend on. We know that Zeus would thrive in the right home and we can make sure he gets there. His current shelter does not have the resources to get him ready for adoption but we know with your help we can get him healthy and adopted. Please help Zeus find a family. Donate today.