Five Chi Mixes Left Behind When Their Owners Left


Amos, Bugsy, Lacy, Elliot and Phoebe are five cute Chi mixes who were surrendered to a shelter in rural VA. Unfortunately, like so many pets, they are now homeless as a result of their owners breaking up. While one owner moved out of state and left the other owner with the dogs, she wasn’t able to handle all of them and brought them to the shelter. As you can tell, these little ones are so scared! All the loud big barking dogs, strangers in and out and hard metal cages to sleep in have really shaken them to their core. Chihuahuas bond deeply to their owners and we know that if they could find new families to take them in, they will once again be happy tail wagging little pups. We don’t want to have to leave anyone behind. Please donate to their rescue so all 5 of these cuties get to have a second chance at life.