Golden Sisters need loving homes


At three months old these lab mix puppies, Rory and Lorelai, are starting to be more independent. The Gilmore Girls were surrendered to a local shelter in West VA so they could be placed in new homes. These sisters have not been without their mom before and are scared in their new surroundings. They don’t know what will happen next and do not know who they can trust. This amount of uncertainty can be stressful for an animal and we want to make sure they are moved into more comfortable surroundings as soon as possible.

These sweet puppies were made to be family dogs. They are desperate for friends to play with and a home to feel safe in. They need the comfort and security their rescuers just do not have the resources to provide. A shelter will not be good for them for long. Each of these young pups needs a family and we look forward to finding each of them the perfect one. Please help us bring each of these sweet babies home.