Stray 3 mo Old Siblings Need Saving

Lemon and Lime, are siblings, only 3 months old, and were lucky to be part of a litter found by a tourist visiting Puerto Rico. She got to them just in time as they were struggling to survive on their own. These young pups were left to contend with homelessness, illness, and no way to know when they would get their next meal or clean water. At such a young age and with no one to help them survive, it is unlikely they would have lasted much longer without being rescued. Even if they had managed to make it through the next few months we know how dangerous it is for strays who cannot feed themselves or fend off predators or abusers.

They are with a local foster now but that is only half the battle. They do not have the resources to keep them cared for or to help place the puppies.We know if we can get these sweet puppies to us we can get them the medical care they need and resources so they can thrive. It is expensive to bring dogs all the way from Puerto Rico but it is necessary to ensure they have the proper veterinarian resources and help at this essential age. We will do everything we can to get them the help they need but they need your help too. You can contribute to their escape from a dangerous situation. You can make sure they get the care they need.