His Family Just Gave Him Up


Daryl’s family just gave him away. They brought him and his brother to the shelter, and left them there. Why? We can’t be sure. They didn’t mention any particular reason for surrendering their dogs. What’s more, after surrendering their dogs, the family asked about adopting other dogs at the shelter–wondering if they might take someone else home with them instead! Like Daryl was just some used car and the lease was up. Time for a new model.

Poor Daryl is dealing with a lot. Between losing his family, and living in a scary shelter with strange sounds and new people, it’s no wonder that he can seem a bit shy! But in the right hands, with some time to adjust and lots of TLC, we know that Daryl will realize there is so much more to look forward to.

Daryl is just 3 years old. Homeward Trails would love to help him find the right family that will love and cherish him for the special pup he is the rest his days!