Homeless and Pregnant, Darla Needs Our Help ASAP!


Tiny Darla has had a very rough past few months. This three year old cutie was found wandering around a campsite in West Virginia. She was hungry, tired and filthy. Who knows how long she was lost and how many people turned a blind eye when they saw her scrounging for food. As if being a stray isn’t hard enough, it turns out that Darla wasn’t just thinking about her own survival but the survival of her unborn pups too! That’s right, Darla is pregnant! This sweetheart was lucky enough to be brought to a rural shelter so she at least has steady meals, but she is only weeks away from having her puppies alone on a cold cement floor. We cannot imagine the stress she is under and how much worse it will get for her trying to raise her babies in a loud and uncomfortable environment. Homeward Trails is rallying to find the best foster for her to have her family, but without some serious veterinary care and transportation to the area, we could get to her too late. Please sponsor Darla and her growing family. You will definitely be saving more than just one life!