Hound Puppies are Waiting for a Lifeline


Imagine if you had no county shelter, no veterinary office for miles and miles into a different county, and a rescue that is full and has to house their animals outside, trying to do what they can. That is exactly the situation for many rural shelters and homeless animals right now. These two precious 4 month old hound puppies have been living a hard life. Regardless of the fact that they are so young, they are currently living outside at the shelter. The staff that dedicate their lives to the shelter pets do all they can to make sure the animals are happy and healthy, but now funds are extremely tight. The best the shelter can do at this point is try to find rescues to help take many of their adoptable animals. These sweethearts only have one way to freedom and that is if Homeward Trails can secure enough funds to save these pups from their desperate situation. Until the county is able to open up a local shelter, these shelters rely on rescues to bring their animals to better situations and homes. Please don’t let these shy pups grow up behind bars and donate to them before their time is up!