How Could We Say No To Saving This Cute Girl?


What a cutie! Trixie is a 1.5 year old poodle mix who was surrendered by her owner to a rural shelter. Sadly, Trixie was not living her best life. Her owner had well over 15 dogs and simply could not afford to take care of them. It is likely that Trixie occasionally missed meals and certainly had to stay away from any dominant dogs that could hurt her. Trixie likely hasn’t seen a vet in quite some time and it is very obvious she has received no grooming which is necessary for poodle mixes. We cannot imagine the discomfort she has every day from a year’s worth of matted fur. Trixie’s health depends on HT rescuing her! This sweet girl doesn’t deserve to suffer any more. Please don’t let her get left behind. Her whole life can turn around thanks to your donations.