Is Babcock’s Time Almost Up?


Poor Babcock was found wandering alone on a road in West Virginia. It is obvious that this spaniel/dachshund mix was once with a family that appeared to care for him, but no one came looking for this sweet boy once he was brought into a rural shelter. Unfortunately, at 5 years old, Babcock has a few things working against him – he isn’t a puppy and he is a black dog. Those two factors alone mean that Babcock may spend more time in a shelter than other dogs and even worse, that he might never get out and sadly end up on the shelter’s euthanasia list once they get too full. Babcock is just a loving dog who wants a loving home. Homeward Trails doesn’t want this awesome pup to live out his days behind bars! Please help raise enough funds to ensure his transportation to a DC area foster and of course to see a vet. We know he has some many great years left and just needs a little help to get on the path to a happily ever after!