Itty Bitty Babies Abandoned on a Rural Road!


Annabell, Carajane and Spencer are three adorable 10 week old puppies that were found on the side of a rural road in West Virginia. We will never know if they wandered away from their home or if their owner simply decided they didn’t want the pups anymore and just dumped them before driving away. Luckily, before they met a very tragic fate, the puppies were saved by a rural shelter partner. We are so grateful the pups were found before it was too late but they are not out of the woods yet! These puppies need to find rescue NOW so they can find the forever homes we know they deserve. Homeward Trails can’t bear to leave these little ones behind. The best way to ensure that all the siblings are saved is to donate to their big rescue! All the puppies will need a lot of veterinary care and TLC, so this is a big undertaking. With your sponsorship though, HT knows these sweet babies have such a bright future!