Jolly Needs Room to Run!


Jolly won’t be jolly too much longer if she has to stay at the small, rural shelter she’s in. She’s a wonderful pup! Good with people. Good with other dogs! But she’s getting antsy in her cement kennel. She’s still a puppy, full of energy and she needs room to run! She’s desperate for a buddy to play with her during the day and to cuddle her at night. Jolly needs a friend, fast!

Jolly isn’t even a year old–only 11 months–and she’s already been abandoned at the shelter. She was found and brought to the shelter as a stray. For whatever reason, not a single person ever came or called to look for her. She’s been alone at the shelter all this time, just waiting for a new friend to come along.

We know a few folks who would love to play and hang with Jolly! With your help, we can bring her to Homeward Trails and make sure she has the puppy-hood she deserves!