Leeman is Just a Baby!


Leeman is just the cutest baby! This precious 3 month old black lab mix was found wandering the streets alone in southern VA. It is a miracle he was able to survive! Between dangers like getting hit by cars or attacked by animals, or succumbing to starvation or dehydration, Leeman is nothing but lucky that he was found and brough to the shelter. But the shelter is no place for a tiny pup like Leeman. He spends almost all hours in a metal cage, not getting any socialization or TLC. This sweetheart is growing up quickly and it breaks our heart that if Leeman isn’t brought to HT, he may end up spending years waiting for someone to adopt him. Please don’t let Leeman spend one more night at the shelter. He is in the prime of his socialization age and he deserves to be set up for success. Leeman just needs a little help and with your donations, his transportation to the DC area can be guaranteed. A little vet care and a foster home to help Leeman get settled and he will be on his way to being a fabulous rescue pup!