Left Behind When His Owner Moved


After being a wonderful pet for the last 6 years, poor Tucker has been given away by his family. This sweet boy is loyal and loving, and devastated that the only family he knows dropped him off at the shelter and moved away. Now, Tucker lives in a cage alone in a rural VA shelter. Our hearts break for him. After all those years, he is confused and lonely. How did this pug mix’s family leave him behind? Tucker seems to know they aren’t coming back, but of course that doesn’t make staying positive any easier. Homeward Trails knows that Tucker has his whole life ahead of him. However, without a rescue coming to get him, Tucker’s whole life might be in a small shelter cage. With your donations though, Tucker can get back into a home as soon as possible! The only thing missing is his rescue being sponsored. Once Tucker’s free from the shelter, he can start the second half of his life. Please donate so Tucker doesn’t have to spend one more night alone.