Left for dead in the countryside


You may have noticed that we are trying to raise quite a bit of money. There are three very important reasons, and their names are Josh, Todd, and Hunter. These four month old puppies were found abandoned in the country side in Puerto Rico. They’re malnourished, flea infested, and need veterinary care. But the first step is getting them to Homeward trails all the way from Puerto Rico. These poor souls have endured so much in their short lives. They’ve truly seen the worst that humanity has to offer – and like most dogs, they remind us what pure innocence looks like. You can’t look into their big brown eyes and see anything but pure love; and now its time we show them some ourselves. They need our help, and they need it fast. Between transport costs and vet bills, it’s going to take a lot of work to get these three beauties safe and happy in a new home – but we know we can do it. Let’s give these puppies everything they deserve and more.