Left in the freezing rain, Shivering and Alone


This precious baby boy, unfortunately, has had a rough start to life. Onyx was abandoned in a Puerto Rico alley in the freezing rain. He was walking through the streets desperate and alone, when he arrived at the house of a colleague, shivering from the cold and soaked to the bone. He had been left out in a tremendous downpour. Once he was dried and fed, he was placed with another young rescue and they are both looking for a way out. Although he is out of the harsh elements he is still unsure of his future.

Onyx deserves a chance at a loving home and we know we can get him to one. We have been able to secure travel for Onyx but his journey is not over. We need to make sure he gets the care and compassion he needs. Please donate today so we can take care of Onyx.