Leo Has Been Passed Around and Wants a Stable Home


Tiny little Leo used to have a loving owner. Unfortunately, when his owner couldn’t take care of him, he gave Leo to a family member. Surely Leo’s owner thought he was doing best for this chihuahua mix, but Leo’s new owner didn’t take long before they decided they had to surrender him because they had too many dogs. Leo went from his owner to a new family and now to a cold shelter in no time. This one year old boy does not need any more instability in his life! He deserves warm cozy blankets and owners that will let him know that he is safe in a forever home. Unfortunately, Leo keeps getting overlooked at the rural VA shelter he now lives, and HT worries that his days may be numbered if the shelter reaches capacity. Please help us rescue this tiny tot. His little heart is bursting at the seams with love that he can’t wait to share with a new family, but until he can secure a ride to HT, Leo’s faith is slowly fading. Sponsor little Leo today and he will find his little way into a very lucky family’s life in no time.