Living on the Streets Was a Hard Life for Bailey


This happy girl is Bailey! She is a smiley 2 year old lab mix who was sadly found wandering the streets in southern Virginia. After ending up at a rural shelter, staff was sure her owner would show up and claim her in no time. Days have turned into weeks though and no one has come forward to pick this sweet girl up. Although Bailey is happy she no longer needs to scrounge for food and avoid dangers at every turn, it is only a matter of time before she becomes depressed sitting in her cage every day listening to loud barking and scary noises at the shelter. The shelter does their best to care for the animals with the limited resources and staff they have, but unfortunately when they are at capacity, they have to make gut wrenching decisions as to which animals they must euthanize to make room for others. Homeward Trails can’t bear to watch Bailey show up on the short list. Your donations are needed to pull Bailey from the shelter before it is too late! Please sponsor Bailey today so she can say goodbye to a life being bars and hello to a new future!