Lovely Lacey Would Love Some Help


Beautiful Lacey is a 3 year old shepherd mix that was found as a stray in a rural area. She has probably been homeless for a long time and is most likely infested with worms and fleas. Her fur is dirty and her stomach has been empty for some time. Poor Lacey did all she could to stay alive. She scrounged for food and tried to stay out of danger. Life was hard, but Lacey is a tough girl and was able to survive long enough for someone to find her and bring her to a rural shelter. Lacey now has a safe place to sleep and regular meals, but she needs so much more out of life. With a little vet care, TLC and a ride to Homeward Trails, Lacey’s whole life can turn around. Can you help this diamond in the rough start to shine once again? Please donate to Lacey’s future so she can ensure she’ll never go back to the scary stray dog life again!