Lucky To Be Alive After Near Starvation!


Bertie, Bay and Brinly are precious 15 week old chiweenie mixes. They have lived a really awful life thus for unfortunately. The puppies were found on a beach in Puerto Rico in really awful condition. They were covered in an awful skin infection and extremely malnourished. There is a very good chance that if a PR rescue hadn’t found them, they all would have ended up starving to death. What a horrible fate awaited these cuties! Luckily, our very dedicated PR rescue partner was able to provide all the TLC and help they needed to recover from their very unsure fate. The puppies are finally well enough to fly to the DC area to start their new life over, but without donations, they won’t be able to make their flight out. HT needs to not only raise the funds for transportation, but for ongoing vet care until they are 100% healthy! Their 2 sisters already made it safely to HT and now it is time to get the rest of the litter on their flight!