Malnourished in the Mountains


This litter of 6 month old pups is dangerously malnourished. They were born in the mountains of Puerto Rico and the person who has been caring for them is simply too poor to be able to provide them the food they need for their body to grow. Ever since their mother’s milk dried up, this litter has been struggling on scraps to get enough nourishment to make it through the day. We’re so grateful that their care taker has reached out before the dogs succumbed to starvation, but they are not out of the woods yet.

Although they still have a long way to go and many pounds to gain, 4 of these pups are ready to get on flights to Virginia ASAP. We need your help to raise the funds to get them on flights and get them healthy enough for adoption once they arrive. Please help us show these pups there is more to life than the meager existence they have been living!