Mel Was Suffering From a Terrible Skin Infestation


Mel’s before pictures are hard to look at. This sweet girl was found on the streets in Puerto Rico after being thrown out like garbage by her owner. Mel’s fur was almost completely gone and her skin was full of scabs, pink and raw. She was in a lot of discomfort and confused as to why her skin felt so awful. A good Samaritan was trying to feed her and her sister, Mia, whenever he could but it became clear that Mel needed more help. Luck was on her side for probably the first time in her 1.5 years of life and a local Puerto Rican rescue agreed to take her in. Finally Mel was safe, but still in need of a lot of TLC. The rescue worked a miracle and after Mel got some consistent care, she started to blossom! Her flea infestation was treated and her fur started to grow back. Mel went from mangy to a model! Now that Mel is healthy, she deserves to start a new life. Homeward Trails is ready to help this girl get on the right track but without getting her to the DC area, we won’t be able to do anything for her. Donate to her big trip to Homeward Trails and she will continue to bloom!