Mia is Lucky to Be Alive After Being Thrown Out Like Garbage


Mia’s sweet eyes melt your heart. It is hard to believe her previous owner just threw her out on the street like garbage. Mia was found wandering the countryside in Puerto Rico with Mel, one of her siblings and several puppies. She was infested with fleas and in terrible condition overall. A kind man was feeding the stray dogs when he could, but he realized that the care he was giving them wasn’t enough. A wonderful local Puerto Rican woman that partners with a rescue took the dogs in. They have been nursed back to health but there have been no adoption applications. Mia is patiently waiting her turn to start a new life with a new family, but it is becoming crystal clear that isn’t going to happen if she stays in Puerto Rico. Homeward Trails knows that her best bet to a new life is coming to the DC area. Flights are pricey and continuing her veterinary care is an additional expense. Without your donation, her rescue hangs in the balance. Please let Mia be a bright spot in 2021 – sponsor her today!