Mighty Mitchell is Waiting for a Hero!


Adorable Mitchell is way too cute to be behind bars! Even though Mitchell was found as a stray in rural Virginia, he isn’t letting that slow him down. He was tough enough to survive the elements alone outside, and he won’t let the potential fate of living in a shelter get him down. Mitchell is only 3 years old and has a long life in front of him. There is only one problem – no one has come to adopt him! We don’t know how this cutie is getting overlooked at the shelter, but every day that goes by where he doesn’t get adopted is a day closer to him ending up on the euthanasia list. Both Mitchell and the shelter would love if Homeward Trails could come and save this sweet boy before his time is up. Please help Mitchell with his freedom ride to the DC area and we know he will find a loving lap to lay on in no time.