Millie is All Ears on How She Can Get Rescued


Poor Millie has been left at a rural VA shelter due to no fault of her own. Her owners moved and decided they wouldn’t take her with them. It is so sad to think that they couldn’t be bothered to find pet friendly living arrangements, but rather just discard Millie like she is yesterday’s newspaper. This loving 7 month old shepherd mix does not deserve to be behind bars. She is at the age where socializing and exploring the world is so important! Sitting in a cement cage every day is the exact opposite of how she should be spending her puppyhood. This bump in the road hasn’t gotten Millie’s spirit down though. She is so friendly and happy to see anyone that comes to visit her. Homeward Trails would be delighted to see this sweet girl flourish outside of the shelter, but we have to raise enough funds to transport her to the DC area and of course get her veterinary care. Please don’t let this sweet pup’s big ears hear that she may not have made the cut! Donate to Millie’s rescue today!