Momma Hoda & Newborns Need Our Help (by 5/18)


Hoda is a tan and white, bushy-tailed momma who was found attempting to nurse her seven 1-week-old puppies outside of a rural Virginian home on Mother’s Day – and without adequate shelter or care. Unfortunately, Hoda’s family could not care for her and decided it was best to surrender her – and just in the nick of time. An incoming storm was approaching, and the resulting rain could have potentially drowned the puppies had we not gotten them to safety that evening. There is now an amazing opportunity to fly Hoda and her newborn family to Virginia, where they can safely and comfortably stay in foster care until the pups are ready to go to their forever homes, along with their momma. Can you help sponsor bringing Hoda and her puppies to Homeward Trails so they can receive the care they need and be placed in a safe foster home until they’re ready for adoption?