Murphy Is The Best Boy!


Murphy checks all the boxes: adorable √ , perfect size √, sweet and loving √√. What else can we say, Murphy is an all around great boy. This is why he has everyone so confused on how he ended up as a stray! He was scrounging for food one day and showed up at a woman’s house, starving and thin from life on the streets. It was by sheer luck that the woman was kind to him and decided to try and care for him herself. However, after a little while, it became clear that this loving 1 year old pup needed more than she was able to provide. Murphy’s life thus far as been full of uncertainty and confusion. Homeward Trails is ready to help him transition into a wonderful home, but without getting him to the DC area, there isn’t much hope . Transpiration is one hurdle, but raising enough funds to get him proper veterinary care is another. Life as a stray has a lot of physical side effects and we know that getting him to a vet is a top priority. Murphy’s fate rests in our hands so please donate to this adorable boy’s final rescue today!