Narrowly Escaped Suffication


This truly tragic case is difficult to read and unimaginable to live. This puppy was found on the side of a highway in PR. He was malnourished, weak, and dehydrated. The girl who spotted this abandoned animal, stopped and realized this young pup was barely clinging to life. She picked him up and looked to see if there were more. Nearby she found a bag with his mother and brother apparently suffocated. It is a miracle this puppy survived and was able to recover, at least physically, from his neglect. The cruelty that this poor puppy experienced is despicable and shows the very worst of humanity. The only antidote is when we show the best of humanity like the young girl who stopped to help and all the volunteers that have helped him get strong enough to leave the island.

For some reason the puppy was saved and now has a chance at a long and happy life. He is SUPER sweet and loving, great with people and other dogs, but he still sometimes cries for his family. Even after his trauma he is able to endlessly show love and deserves to be with people that will make him feel safe and love him back. You can help him find that home by helping him travel to Homeward trails Please help West make it the rest of his journey