Nervous with 4 week old newborns


This 3 year old Terrier mix was found alone and abandoned with her three 4 week old pups. Without being rescued, this sweet pup would not have been able to protect her puppies from the elements or predators for long. Even producing enough milk would have been a struggle without access to food and water. Now in the shelter, this young mama is doing her best to care for the puppies but this still is not the environment she needs. We need to get them out of the shelter and into a safe, warm home where she and the puppies can truly thrive.

Homeward Trails can get them in a truly comfortable environment where this Mama can take care of her babies without the stresses that have been around her. We can make sure the puppies can get all of the medical care necessary and start searching for the perfect forever homes for all of the dogs. Please help make sure these adorable babies and brave mama get everything they need and donate today.