Never Wanted From The Start


Nine tiny 8-week-old lab mix puppies were likely never wanted from the start. These sweethearts were surrendered to a southern VA shelter. Chances are that they were the result of an unwanted and unexpected litter after an owner didn’t spay their dog. Although the owner did the right thing by surrendering the puppies rather than them meeting a much worse fate, a shelter is no place for such young babies. They have gone from the comfort of their mama dog to a cold hard cage. The pups huddle with each other for warmth and reassurance, but the shelter is a scary place! Homeward Trails knows that time is of the essence and getting these puppies out is a top priority! The only problem is that there are nine little ones and we have to secure transportation for all of them as well as much needed vet care. Please sponsor to this big rescue. It would be awful to have to leave anyone behind! Donate to their future today!