Nine Puppies are Lucky to Be Alive After Being Born Under a House


These adorable puppies are so lucky to be alive. They were born in Puerto Rico under a house, by an almost-feral mama dog. The owners had several dogs on their property that belonged to them, but all got little to no care. The mama of these sweet puppies has had multiple litters over the years because the owners were not able to catch her to get her spayed, after a generous rescue team offered to handle the procedure for them. Covered in fleas and ticks after emerging from under the house (just a structure up on bricks), the puppies were in awful condition. Some of them were even anemic and all of their skin was severely suffering from the bites. Our PR rescue partners knew the owners and the dogs all needed a tremendous amount of support. They convinced the owner to socialize mama so she can be caught and spayed, and that they would take care of the puppies. Surprisingly, the owners worked to socialize the mama dog and she is now spayed! However, the puppies have a long way to go. They are thriving under proper care by the rescue, but these little ones need a lot of TLC and vet care after spending the first month of their life under a house with no socializing with the outside world. We want to bring the whole litter of 9 to Homeward Trails so they can live the rest of their lives IN a house instead of underneath! However, this is a really big commitment to rescue such a large litter and from so far away. Please sponsor these babies so they never have to suffer again. Flights to the DC area can be pricey, but we can’t bear to leave any siblings behind. Every donation will ensure that the pups can start their journey to their new life!