Overcrowded Shelter is in Dire Need of Support


Nancy, Jamie, Billy Mack, Hugh, Juliet, Aurelia, Cutie, Hariet, Jeanne, Sandy are just 10 of many dogs currently living at a very overcrowded rural VA shelter. The shelter staff go above and beyond to help every animal that comes through their doors, but unfortunately resources and funding are very limited. Every dog has a story as to why they ended up there and every dog deserves a loving and stable home. Sadly though, adoptions are so low that without rescues coming in and helping to save these pups, lethal options may have to be taken in order to make room for incoming pets. Even though their days are spent in sadness, Nancy, Jamie, Billy Mack, Hugh, Juliet, Aurelia, Cutie, Hariet, Jeanne and Sandy try to keep their spirits up. It only takes one rescue to completely change the future for all ten of these dogs. However, the veterinary care needed is extensive and the transportation of all the dogs is critical in order to get them to safety. Each dog has a story and each dogs deserves nothing short of a happy ending. Please donate to this massive rescue! It would break Homeward Trails’ heart to have to leave anyone behind. Your sponsorship will not only save these dogs, but also provide the shelter with room to help even more homeless pets!