Poodle Pups Can’t Believe They are Homeless


Sweet 8 month old Poodles Charlie and Sable are shocked they ended up in a rural VA shelter! Sadly, their owner had some medical conditions that prevented them from being able to stay at their home. Charlie and Sable are at such a fun age and would make amazing pets for any lucky family, but their luck might run short at the shelter. As summer continues, the shelter is filling up and once they reach capacity, the staff have to make the awful decision to euthanize some animals to make more room. It is a sad but hard truth about running an overpopulated shelter. Charlie and Sable are waiting patiently for a rescue to come and spring them from a life behind bars. Homeward Trails is confident these puppies would be perfect for a DC area owner, but we have to get them up here before it is too late! Please donate to their transportation and puppy vet care and you’ll be setting them up for a bright and happy future!