Precious Pup Freddie Was Living a Sad Life


Sweet 10 month old Freddie has lived a sad life in his 10 months of age. This precious feist mix was seized from a neglectful home in West Virginia. It can be very difficult for law enforcement to obtain rights to seize animals, which is how you know Freddie’s case must have been dire. This sweetheart is happy to have a safe place to stay at the shelter he lives in, but he deserves so much more. Freddie wants a soft place to lay his head and a family that loves him… something he has never experienced before! Please help this cutie to get out of the shelter and to a DC area foster. He should never have to know the stress of a neglectful home again. Freddie is in need of a lot of vet care and of course a ride to Homeward Trails. Your sponsorship can singlehandedly turn Freddie’s whole life around. Please donate to this precious pup today!