Puppies Don’t Belong in Jail!


These cuties are barely 9 weeks old and have already been discarded by their owner. Never wanted from the start, these 5 lab mix puppies have gone from the protection of their mom to a cold cement dog run at a rural VA shelter. Like many dogs, these puppies are the result of an owner not spaying their dog and therefore adding to the massive overpopulation of homeless pets. We don’t want these puppies to become a statistic. The longer they live in the shelter, the hard it becomes for them to be adopted out. Please don’t let these pups pay for their owner’s neglectful mistake. Your donations can help HT save all 5 puppies. Unfortunately though, without a full sponsorship, there is always the chance that the litter could be broken up and a few babies get left behind. Please don’t let that be the case and donate to these siblings today!