Puppies’ Lives Were Spared Before It Was Too Late


Five precious 9 week old Great Pyrenees puppies were born on a farm in rural West Virginia. Their parents are livestock guardians, doing the important job of keeping farm animals safe. However, there is no room for this unexpected litter and the farmer knows they have to go. The puppies are very lucky, as many owners don’t do the right thing by asking for help, rather they turn to other ways of “disposing” of unwanted animals. These young puppies are just starting their life. Homeward Trails would be happy to be a lifeline for both the farmer at the puppies, but taking on these five little ones is a big undertaking. It is unlikely they have ever received vet care or even been off the farm. Raising enough funds to cover their rescue is a challenge HT has accepted. It would break our hearts to have to leave any of the puppies behind for monetary reasons. Please donate to this fluffy family today so they will learn a life of pampering instead of a life in a cold barn!