Puppy abandoned and nearly hit by a car


This sweet little puppy is only 4 months old and already has had to face too much tragedy. Kosmos was abandoned on the side of the road in Puerto Rico with a little brother who was hit by a car. Kosmos was found sleeping next to the dead puppy and barely escaped the same fate. This precious terrier mix may be little but he is brave and has been through so much. He has already stolen his rescuers hearts and we want to make sure he gets the chance at a long and happy life.

We were able to get Kosmos to Homeward Trails right away but there is still work to do. His first interaction with humans was one of cruelty but he is still willing to trust that people are there to help him. We know that the sooner we can get him into a foster home the more likely he will be to thrive. Please help us make sure Kosmos finds a forever home that will give him the love and kindness he has been without.