Puppy Survived Falling From a Second Story Building!


This precious baby is Peanut. Peanut has had a very tragic life thus far. When she was a tiny puppy, she fell from a second story window. It is nothing short of a miracle that Peanut survived that fall, and without severe or permanent injury. After her terrifying incident, a local foster in Puerto Rico agreed to take her in and rehab her back to health. It is no surprise that the foster ended up falling in love with this amazingly sweet girl, but as much as she wanted to keep her, she knows that she can only continue to foster if she let’s her foster pets move on to new homes and get adopted. Adoption rates in Puerto Rico are very low and the foster wants only the best for little Peanut so she made the agonizing decision to surrender her to Homeward Trails. We are ready to help this cutie come to a local DC foster home, but her flight and vet fees have to be covered before we can make the commitment. Peanut’s future depends on us – please sponsor this adorable Peanut’s rescue!