Pups Thought They’d Be Loved Forever


Sweet pups Chip and Lucy are only 8 months old and were already surrendered by their owner. These adorable siblings thought they’d have a home forever, not only with each other but with their owner they were so loyal to. Their whole lives have been uprooted and the safety and security Chip and Lucy knew is gone. These puppies now live in a rural VA shelter, sleeping on concrete floors and getting minimal interaction from people. They are in their prime puppy months and are spending them locked away! Homeward Trails has the opportunity to rescue these two from a potential life behind bars, but taking in two young dogs will require a lot of donations to ensure they get proper vet care and make the ride up to the DC area. Please don’t let Chip and Lucy get let down by humans again. Sponsor this dynamic duo and you’ll be sure to have double the smile on your face!