Rescued From Life As a Security System


These 6 puppies were born to a mom in Puerto Rico, who was only being kept because the property owner believed having dogs would protect her home. She was a security system–nothing more. Left mostly to her own devices, having litter after litter of puppies.

Rescuers have intervened, and so far these pups and their mom have been removed from the property. Work continues to get the rest of the dogs removed (yes, there’s more). While we keep working on solutions for the remaining dogs, we need a safe place for these adorable pups to land!

Dogs in Puerto Rico face countless hardships. They are rarely viewed as companions. Most often, they are considered to be little more than pests. They are something to be beaten or shooed away. Rarely are they met with anything other than contempt and indifference. It’s a tough life, and dogs don’t often live to see old age.

But these pups have a chance at something better! They have a chance at real forever homes and loving families. Homeward Trails is a safe haven, a refuge for the unwanted. These pups need a rescue like ours to take them out of danger and into a safer future.

Your support will cover critical transportation and vetting costs.