Rescued Just in Time


Just look at this adorable little thing. This sweet girl is Maggie. Ten weeks old, 12 pounds and the biggest sweetheart you’ll ever meet. Maggie was part of a litter that someone was giving away at a Petsmart. By the time our fosters found out Maggie was one of the only ones left, but she was scooped up and taken home to make sure she didn’t end up in the wrong hands. Dumping puppies like this to the first person who will ask for them opens them up to a whole world of bad possibilities. Whether it be an abusive home, an overcrowded one – or even that they decide once they aren’t a cute puppy anymore that they’re no longer wanted. That’s exactly how these amazing dogs end up on the streets or behind bars at a shelter. We want to make sure Maggie has the best opportunity to to find a home where she will be loved for the entirety of her life – and we won’t give up until we do.