Sassy and Her Sweet Puppies are Living Behind Bars


Sassy and her 7 precious six week old puppies were surrendered to a shelter in rural West Virginia. We don’t know Sassy’s story, but from what anyone could assume, Sassy likely got pregnant accidentally and her owners didn’t want to care for the whole family. It is so sad that instead of her owner’s spaying her before an accidental pregnancy, Sassy now is homeless and trying to care for her sweet litter. Sassy and her babies need a lifeline, and Homeward Trails would love to be there to rescue this adorable family. However, HT is already committing to so many other litters from rural shelters that without donations, there is a chance Sassy and the puppies will be left behind. If HT can’t help them, we don’t know what the future might hold for these young pups. Please don’t let these sweet faces spend another night behind bars. Your sponsorship will mean a bright future for all 8 deserving dogs!