Saved From A Life Living With Hoarders


Rockies, Bella and Duke are precious 3.5 month old pups that were saved from a hoarder’s home in Puerto Rico just in time. Hoarders are often living in filth and unable to provide proper food, water or care to the animals living with him. These adorable pups likely have lived their whole life outside, unsure if they would get a meal that day or have somewhere safe to sleep that night. The good news for Rockies, Bella and Duke is that Homeward Trails would love to welcome them to the DC area. Unfortunately, it is quite an undertaking transporting dogs all the way from PR! Not to mention that they are all desperate for veterinary care. With your donation, these puppies will never have to live a life on a dirt floor again, begging to be fed or face a fate worse. Please sponsor these cuties today!