Saved From A Life Of Misery


These 5 three month old puppies have no idea how lucky they are. They were rescued in Puerto Rico from a hoarder’s home. At least 5 other dogs lived their lives there tied up outside, and there are still an unknown amount of dogs inside the home. These puppies were the result of an owner who didn’t take the responsible precautions of getting his dogs fixed, but rather let them continue to breed and live in filth. Our PR rescue partner team is trying diligently to get the owner to surrender the other dogs living in misery, but for now, we are thrilled that these 5 pups no longer have to live in squalor. Their mama dog did the best job she could by making sure the other dogs didn’t attack the puppies and that she was able to nurse them even while food was so scarce. Their journey isn’t over yet though. They are not going to be adopted in PR and HT has been asked to bring them to the DC area in hopes that they will have a better chance to thrive. Taking on this litter is a big commitment as we have to secure airfare for all of them as well as veterinary care that they have likely never had. We don’t want to have to split the litter up and need your sponsorship to save the whole family! Please donate to these lucky pups today!