Searching for stability and safety


Having a dog in your life is one of the greatest joys a person can have but it is also a sincere responsibility. Taking in a dog you cannot care for is cruel and opens the dog up to loneliness and neglect. Marlin was given to an older woman in PR who did not have the resource or ability to care for a young puppy. As he grew, he became far too energetic and playful for her to be able to handle and Marlin ended up tied up on her balcony. Marlin should have been in a place where he could run and learn how to be a dog but instead he was tied up until the owner reached out to a local foster for help.

Thankfully he is now in a foster home where he has space to run and get his energy out.
Marlin LOVES to swim and can often be found getting into his foster’s fish pond, which inspired his nautical name. Marlin is just at the beginning of his life and deserves someone truly committed to his care. We know we can find him the right home but that can only happen if he gets to Virginia safely. Please help give Marlin the home that is right for home with a family committed to loving him forever.